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Access for facility management

When maintenance work or other services are pending, you as the property manager can conveniently control access to rentals, vacant flats or entire properties. You can also limit the time period for access online and digitally.

Contracting work, caretaking services and deliveries often happen at different times, and usually require the availability and presence of the building supervisor. With resivo by dormakaba, you conveniently manage access permissions from the comfort of your office. Whenever you choose, for whomever you choose and for as long as you choose. If the flat is let, you can easily and conveniently obtain consent from the tenant by sending a request via the app.

Simple, safe, convenient: physical key handovers to service providers are no longer necessary. That means less effort, lots of time saved and increased security. Access permissions for different properties in different locations can all be managed and assigned conveniently from your office.


Detailed information can be found in the resivo brochure - please download here.