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Green light on all systems at StadtNatur Munich Riem.

Initial experiences in the modern block of flats with 35 units and countless common rooms have shown that dormakaba resivo is specifically adapted to the needs of modern residential management. During the pilot phase at Stadtnatur Munich Riem, the resivo team had a chance to determine customer requirements and implement them in new functions in an agile process. With the help of insights gained from countless applications and personal feedback, the system was continuously optimised and, after a period of intense use, managed to completely satisfy all participants.

The bottom line so far: resivo perfectly reflects the spirit of our times and successfully translates current trends like smart home and sharing economy into this residential building of the future.

«I was pleasantly surprised by how simple and intuitive even the underlying cloud systems are to operate.”»

Christian Dengler
Managing Director StadtNatur Munich

In the resivo home app, residents are offered integrated videos that explain the individual functions in detail and clearly illustrate how the system works. Initial experiences are already showing that the applications are very intuitive to use. Of course, all insights gained will be integrated into the further development process of the customer-friendly access management system.

For example, apart from the main entrance door and the bicycle storage, a sauna hut and two package pick-up stations were also equipped with the resivo system. The building manager can provide permanent or limited access to all these areas.

The first people to successfully test resivo were the building manager and contractors, who needed different access permissions in order to work on the interior fit-out of the flats in StadtNatur Munich Riem without hindrances. This was the first important test for the system, and it resulted in very positive feedback.


Download the detailed SuccessStory on StadtNatur here.