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Benefit for tenants: added convenience, flexibility and security

Thanks to the resivo system, you can be sure that no previous tenants have access to your flat, and the hassle of missing keys is a thing of the past. After a flat is handed over, access permissions are entirely in the hands of the tenant – you alone decide who has access to your flat, when and for how long. There are also no longer any additional costs for procuring new keys or replacing mechanical locks.

Interview with tenant Jonas Stark

What do you particularly like about the resivo system?

For me, this access system is an important component of the “smart living” concept, and the various innovations and technical possibilities that come with it ultimately enhance my quality of life. In short, it’s awesome. Everything’s on my smartphone – including the key to my apartment. Now that’s state of the art! I no longer have to hunt for my keys in a full gym bag.

So you mainly use your smartphone and not your key fob for entry?

Exclusively! I got used to using my smartphone to open the door to my apartment extremely quickly. If nothing else, it impresses people – my friends and acquaintances are always pretty amazed by it.

«That’s state of the art!»

Have you ever had any negative experiences with it?

No, on the contrary. I’ve only had positive experiences. One example: I recently ordered a finger food buffet for a few guests at home from a catering service. And then, that evening, I got stuck in a traffic jam. I was able to simply send a temporary key to the catering service via my smartphone, so they could still set everything up in the apartment. The evening was saved.

So you take full advantage of resivo compared to classic keys?

I love these types of gadgets! My cleaning staff can't disturb me by turning up at the wrong time. They now only have access to my apartment at the agreed time.
I also split up with my girlfriend two months ago, but fortunately didn’t have to chase after her key. I could simply delete her access permission.

Don't you have any concerns about security or losing your phone?

Well, first of all, I could lose my key. Replacing a key is not only a nuisance, but also costs money, as I know from past experience. And secondly, if my phone runs out of battery or if I do lose it, I have an additional access card that I keep somewhere safe.

Advantages for tenants at a glance

  • Increased security: Previous tenants don’t have access to the apartment and the hassle of missing keys is a thing of the past.
  • Access permissions are entirely in the hands of the tenant - Additional digital keys or RFID media can be issued as needed.
  • Time-limited access permissions can be granted, for example for cleaning staff.
  • You can grant temporary access for service providers, for example if you are expecting package deliveries, medical support or contractors.
  • In an emergency, tenants can react quickly by simply sending digital keys via the resivo home app.
  • Missing or lost access media can be blocked immediately in the resivo home app. Lost keys are therefore no longer a security or cost risk.
  • Digital administration and use of your keys with the intuitive resivo home app:
    • Easy to delete and add access media and access permissions.
    • Easy to manage access for family and friends.