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Benefit for tenants: added convenience, flexibility and security

Thanks to the resivo system, you can be sure that no previous tenant has access to your flat, and the bother of missing keys is a thing of the past. After a flat is handed off, access permissions are entirely in the hands of the tenant – you alone decide who has access to your flat, when and for how long. In addition, there are no longer any costs for new keys or replacing locks.

Interview with tenant Heidi Rauch

How are you managing with the keyless system?

I think this «dongle» is really convenient; it’s just like at the hotel. We are already used to not having keys at hotels anymore. Now you just hold the key ring up to the reader and «clack», the door opens. I think that’s really convenient. Especially for older people who can no longer see very well, I think something like this is really practical. I also like the fact that we can programme for ourselves who has access to certain rooms for limited periods of time; ideal for our common rooms. I’m very satisfied with the system.

Is the system easy to use?

Absolutely. It lights up green when you can go in and red when you can’t. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.

«It doesn’t get any easier than that.»

Are you still using the key ring (dongle) or a smartphone already?

Currently I’m still using the «dongle» because the smartphone was only programmed a few days ago. So it’s a little too soon to ask.

Have you had any negative experiences?

No, where it was programmed it really has worked every time. And I didn’t get to access anyplace I wasn’t supposed to. That’s as it should be. The system is secure and convenient at once – those are the two components that are important to me.

What do you like best about the resivo system?

Its future potential. I think it’s great that we have a future-oriented system and that they didn’t install a conventional key system.

Modern, innovative and easy to use:

Digital administration and use of your keys with an intuitive app:

  • Easy to delete and add access media and access permissions.
  • Managing access for family and friends
Flexible and tenant-friendly:
  • Limited-time access, for example for cleaning staff. This way, they can only enter the flat on the agreed day and time.
  • Short-term flexibility: taking longer than planned to return from a trip? With resivo, you can easily organise access for someone to take care of your pet from wherever you are.
  • You can grant temporary access for service providers like package deliveries, medical support or contractors.