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Remote access permissions

Your tenants are on a well-deserved holiday or on a business trip. This often makes it difficult to be on-site in time to provide access to a flat in case of unexpected events. The long-awaited furniture is finally arriving. A neighbour thinks she can hear water running in another flat. Or the neighbour who had promised to feed your cat while you are away has fallen ill – and you have to organise a new cat-sitter from afar. What used to be inconceivable is now a snap. With resivo, tenants can grant access permissions whenever they choose, for as long as they choose and to whomever they choose from wherever they happen to be.

Emergency access to a flat is no longer a problem, even in the tenant’s absence. Thanks to a digital, limited-time key, access can be provided any time, even from any corner of the world.

Watering plants, accepting valuable deliveries, feeding pets or anything else. The process is easy and secure, for the recipient as well, and the permission is only valid on their smartphone.


Detailed information can be found in the resivo brochure - please download here.